Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Layla turns ONE

Layla turned one on the 9th! Can't believe my baby is getting so big! On Layla's actual birthday we didn't do much, just went and had ice cream with daddy after he got off work. We wanted to celebrate Layla's birthday with her aunty hailey who came from fiji to go on her mission. We had an awesome party on the 14th, where Layla got spoiled by her friends and family. 

Layla got to wear the traditional salusalu which was cool and she had fun playing with all the kids. I think her favorite thing though was digging into her cake. 

Here is what Layla is up to: 

Weight 22.4 lbs 75%
Height 30 in 80% 

Layla says: dada, mama, milk, more, ball, kitty cat, puppy, book, bubba. 
She also makes the sounds for: lion, bear, dog, monkey, duck, car. 

Layla loves: playing fetch with a ball, cuddling with her stuffed animals, reading books, chasing Liam around the house, pulling everything out if drawers and cupboards, and sneaking into the bathroom any chance she gets. 

Layla has the cutest personality. She is sweet but has a lot of spunk and is starting to get a little attitude. She is a social butterfly and has no fear. 

We love out sweet girl! 

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