Saturday, November 9, 2013

Kid update

My babies are growing up so fast. Sometimes I look at them and they seem so big and tall, I don't know where time went. Lately people have been thinking they are twins because the height gap is closing and they look like they could be. Though there are somedays where I feel like pulling my hair out at the end of the day, the good days far outnumber the bad and I'm so glad my kids are close and will be best friends. Here is what they are up to: 


Liam is progressing with his communication skills. He is starting to identify objects with his version of words. I can understand what he is saying but a lot of it sounds very similar. He says: ball, apple, balloon, football, kitty cat, blocks, boots. He also signs for more, please, go, and we are now working on drink and shoes. He is trying really hard and it's so cute when he shows us new things he knows. He is a stubborn little boy and knows a lot more than he lets on. 

Liam is a lot nicer to Layla now. He is more cautious around her and isn't as rough. He looks out for her. Whenever Layla is doing something she is not suppose to he guides her away from it. He also loves to help me change her diaper and wash her hair or brush her teeth. Liam loves chasing Layla around the house. 

Liam likes to help me with chores around the house. He will throw clothes into the washer for me or help load the dishwasher. He loves to vacuum with me.   I also let him help me cook sometimes, and he really likes that. 

Liam is eating like a Polynesian now. He isn't as picky and eats more food in general. His favorites are still hot dogs, cheese, and grapes though. 

Liam loves to be outside. He loves "driving". He loves watching backyardigans. 


Layla is getting to be a sassy girl. She has so much personality. She is our little social butterfly. 

Layla can hold her own against any kid. Her brother is preparing her for the world. 

Layla loves her daddy. She waits outside the bathroom door while he gets ready in the mornings. She always cries when he leaves her. 

Layla's two favorite things are her pink blanket and her kangaroo stuffed animal. 

Layla is so smart. She adapts to things really fast. One example: Liam doesn't always look where he is going and would knock Layla down a lot. Now, when Layla hears him coming she squats low to the ground and braces herself. It works quite well for her. 

Layla can go up and down the stairs now. I was finally able to take down our baby gate!

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