Thursday, August 8, 2013

Layla @ 10 months

My Layla girl is 10 months old tomorrow! I had a few spare minutes so I thought I would get a jump on her update. 

Layla is everywhere now. She crawls normally but also has started bear crawling, I think because she can move faster that way. She is also almost WALKING. She will take 4 or 5 steps before she dives for my arms. 

Layla is still a daddy's girl. She loves him to no end! 

Layla is a social butterfly. When I take her to nursery with me at church she just goes and plays with all the boys without any hesitation. She also has no fear, as she will steal their toys even though he knows it might end badly.

Layla babbles all the time or "barks orders" as Vito puts it! She is a smart little girl. 

Layla has a contagious laugh and cracks up all day long. She had the best personality, we love it! 

Layla loves playing with her big brother. She knows now when he's running towards her that she needs to get out of the way because Liam isn't the best at watching where he is going. Layla will chase Liam too. She is such a good sport putting up with her brother. 

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