Sunday, July 21, 2013

Liam turns TWO

My baby is growing up way too fast. Yesterday was his birthday and he had quite the day!!! 

Vito woke Liam up at 6:30 am so they could go hike the Y with some of the Fijian boys. I'm pretty sure Liam got a ride up the mountain on his dads shoulders though 😉. 

After that they went to Kiwanis park for touch rugby and Liam got to play with the boys all morning and into the afternoon. They got home around 2:30! 

Liam played for a while before we finally got him to take a nap! At 6 we had Mosese, Kainoa and the kids, my sister Sam's family, cousin Mckenzie, and our good friends Steve and Sandy over for dinner and cake. Liam slept through half of dinner! Once he woke up he had fun playing with all his cousins! 

At the end of the night Liam had a special treat--a Skype call from the family in fiji. They sang happy birthday to Liam and had him blow out candles on a Winnie the Pooh cake that they had made for him! It was so cool and Liam loved it!!! 

Liam is growing up so fast! Here is what he is up to at age 2:

Liam loves playing with cars, animal figurines, and balls. 

Liam loves making all the animal sounds. 

Liam's favorite foods are hot dogs, cheese, ravioli, grapes, and noodles. Some days it's a struggle to get him to eat, others he wants to eat anything in sight. 

Liam loves to say "ahhh" when he throws things. I took him for a run a few days ago and we stopped at a pond that has ducks and fed them. It was so fun watching him throw the bread. Every time he would throw a piece of bread he would say that. 

Liam has a really hard time staying still. He is constantly moving. 

Liam loves pushing things. A dream day for him would be to have a big wide open space where he could push his wagon around. He has a hard time on grass and gets frustrated when it gets stuck so a big parking lot would be perfect lol! 

When Liam wants something he will come and grab my hand and pull me to what he wants. We are still working with a speech therapist to try and help him vocalize his wants with words. Progress is slow but I know he will get it eventually! 

Liam's favorite show is backyardigans. He watches it in Spanish because we don't get the channel that plays it in English. 

Liam loves to laugh and gets in to these hysterical laughing fits. Sometimes if he gets too excited and laughs too hard he will throw up. We are learning when to try and get him to stop laughing to avoid that outcome! 

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