Saturday, July 13, 2013

Layla @ 9 months

Layla turned 9 months old last week! Here is what she is up to: 

Layla won't eat baby food. She has to eat whatever we are eating and you can't feed her, she has to do it herself. Little miss Independent. 

Layla crawls all over the place. She pulls herself to a stand, cruises along furniture, and can stand on her own for a few seconds ( before she gets scared)

Layla loves to play with Liam. They both chase each other around the house. It's so fun to watch. 

Layla fights back when Liam is mean to her. When he tries to take her toys she hangs on with a death grip and/or crawls away with it as fast as she can or lays on top of it. Smart girl. Layla also pulls Liam's hair and has started smacking him...about time!!!! 

Layla flaps her arms and jumps up and down when she gets mad ( something she got from me, I did the same thing when I was little) 

Layla loves to sneak swigs of Liam's cows milk. 

Layla is a daddy's girl. If Vito is home, she refuses to come to me without a fight. She literally clings to him. 

We are having so much fun as layla is starting to show us the little fire ball she is. Even though she definitely has a lot if spunk, she is still a calm sweet girl. She always goes with the flow. 

Layla says mama, dada, bubba. She also has started mimicking some animal sounds. When Liam was having a speech session, his therapist was trying to get him to baa like a sheep. Liam was not focusing at all and wouldn't do it but Layla was right there "baa-ing" . I honestly think Layla will be a big help for Liam when it comes to talking. He likes to mimic the sounds she makes and she has gotten him to say sounds we have not been able to get him to say!!!! 

We love our sweet girl....she is growing up waaaaay to fast! 

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