Thursday, June 13, 2013

Layla @ 8 months

Here is what Layla is up to: 

Layla is crawling, climbing, and standing up on everything. 

Layla is a little motor mouth now. She talks and talks all day long. Her babbles are so cute. She says mama, mostly when she is tired ad wants me. She also says dada and bubba. 

Layla has no fear. She will take Liam's toys from him or try and do whatever he is doing, even though she knows she might get smacked. Liam is getting better about not hitting her but sometimes Layla pushes his buttons. 

Layla loves Vito so much. She gets so excited when he gets home and if she hears his voice she always perks up. 

Layla loves to jump and whip her head back and forth. She usually does it when he gets really excited, or when she and Liam are playing with each other. 

Layla wants to eat big people food all the time and I always find her trying to drink out of Liam's sippy cup or my camelback.

Layla loves taking showers with me but doesn't like taking baths. She also likes to be in the pool. 

Our baby is growing up too fast. Pretty soon she will be walking...then my life will REALLY be a circus! It's tough enough chasing Liam around everywhere I go! 

We love out sweet sissy. She is such a blessing and we are so lucky to be her parents! 

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  1. she is so cute Charlie...both of your kids are blessed.