Thursday, May 23, 2013

7/22 updates

Layla: 7 months 

My baby is getting so big! In the last couple of weeks she has changed so much and is doing so many new things. 

Layla went from being the calmest baby to one that wants to move all the time. She is now crawling and is trying to get into everything. 

Layla also talks all the time. I love her little babbles. She says momma, mostly when Liam is bugging her and she needs help. 

Layla wants to eat whatever we are eating. We always give her little tastes and she loves it. 

Layla is becoming a little bit of a diva. When something she is playing with gets taken from her she yells and starts crying until she gets it back. 

Layla loves her daddy... He can make her smile more than anyone else. 

Liam: 22 months 

Our bubba us getting so big. He is so much fun. 

Liam is making more progress with his speech. He makes a lot of animal sounds now and says a few words. 

Liam gets really excited for a few things 1. Backyardigans 2. Milk 3. His blankie 
So much so that he flaps his arms and can't contain himself. 

Liam loves being outside. He loves riding in his wagon and running wild and free at the park. He plays on the playground and goes down all the slides by himself now! 

Liam loves to swim, he had a blast when we went to California. 

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