Sunday, April 21, 2013

Layla @ 6 months

My beauty is 6 months old today!

Here's what Layla is up to:

Layla is still the most mellow baby. She just goes with the flow no matter what. I never EVER have to worry if she's going to start crying or get upset.

Layla does get a little emotional when she just wakes up. If someone gets a little too close (not me, Vito, or Liam) just non-family she tends to get upset. But only right when she wakes up.

Layla is getting a lot more vocal! I think she hears Liam screaming all day and is trying to mimic him. It's pretty cute. She has kind of a low voice but its still super girly.

Layla eats oatmeal and baby food and still nurses 80% of the time.

Layla is an awesome sleeper. I feed her around 8 and she sleeps from then until about 7. I never have to worry about having to get up with her, it's usually Liam I have to get up for.

Layla gets SO excited when she hears Liam coming to see her. She flaps her arms and legs and can barely contain herself. If he laughs at her she starts laughing and they laugh back and forth at each other for usually 5 or 10 minutes. Cutest thing ever!!!!

Layla grabs anything she can and brings it straight to her mouth. She will prob get teeth soon as she gnaws on everything and drools a lot.

Layla holds herself in a crawling position and rocks back and forth.

Layla has the prettiest blue eyes and dark hair with golden highlights.

We love our Layla girl and love the joy she has brought our family. She is angelic and we could not imagine a more perfect little girl!!!

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