Sunday, April 21, 2013

Liam @ 21 months

I looked at the calendar and saw it was the 21st and realized I had passed Liam's 21 month mark...seems like I just posted about him, time is flying by.

The last month with Liam has been full of fun, progress, and laughter, but also a lot of frustration. The frustration has come because Liam is still struggling with communication and has resorted to screaming at me when he wants something or is upset (most of the time at the top of his lungs). We have been working through it though and he is getting better each day.

Liam is starting to progress so much. I can see his mind working and he is really a smart kid. He is now saying "cat" "bear" "dada" "sissy" "mama" and makes a lot of animal sounds. He also has started signing "more". This may not seem like much, but for us these have been huge steps. We are so proud of him.

Liam acts like a big boy now. He eats at the table with us and sleeps in his big bed. Liam is an awesome sleeper still. He takes a 2-3 hr nap and sleeps at night from 8-7. I just put him in his room and he goes to sleep on his own after playing for a little bit.

Liam has recently become a mamas boy. He is always by my side and always wants to cuddle with me. He is a lovey dovey boy.

Liam loves music and when you sing to him.

Liam is still obsessed with opening and closing doors. He can't pass a door without playing with it.

Liam loves being outside. He goes on runs with me in the stroller and we go for walks. He hates having to come back inside.

Liam loves playing with his sister. He has a hard time sharing his toys but he is getting better at it. He loves to make Layla laugh. On the other side though is he thinks its funny to make her cry too so I always have to watch him when he is around her.

We love our little man and love seeing him learn and grow!

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