Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Today is the 20th and Liam is 20 months old! Can't believe he will be 2 in just 4 months! Here is what he is up to:

Liam is improving slowly but surely with his speech. He now babbles loudly all day long but knows how to say dada and sissy. He also makes animal sounds (dog, sheep, cow) and car sounds. All good signs that he is picking things up now.

Liam now sleeps in his big boy bed. Ever since he started that I feel like he acts more grown up. I just put him in his room for nap time or bed time and he usually plays for a while then falls asleep. For the first couple weeks he would fall asleep on the floor so I would have to go in and put him on the bed, but now he usually ends up there himself.

We also just got a new (old) dining table that is lower to the ground so now Liam sits at the table with us instead of his high chair. He thinks its pretty cool.

Liam is still obsessed with opening and closing doors.

Liam loves to go outside. When I ask if he wants to go he runs to the door( which he can open by himself now, good thing there is a deadbolt) and when it's time to come inside he screams.

I still have a really hard time finding any shoes that will fit his feet. So most of the time he ends up barefoot. This kid walks barefoot outside, over rocks, weeds, everything and it doesn't even phase him. Definitely an island boy.

Liam loves Layla. Don't get me wrong he still hits her occasionally and is a little rough, but he loves on her and makes her laugh...cutest thing ever.

I am loving watching my little man grow up and get more personality every day.

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