Saturday, March 9, 2013

Layla @ 5 months

Layla is 5 months old today! Time sure is flying by. Here is what Layla is up to:

Layla has found her feet and hands. We often catch her just staring at her hands and sucking on them. When she is playing on the ground she loves to play with her feet.

Layla is close to getting teeth. She is constantly wanting to gnaw on something and it is usually her hand or my finger.

Layla is sleeping really good at night. Most nights she sleeps all the way through the night but occasionally we will hear her on the monitor just kicking her feet...she never cries for me to come get her. On those nights I just feed her a little bit and she goes right back to sleep.

Layla can sit up on her own but if she gets distracted she topples over.

Layla loves when Liam "talks" to her. She gets the biggest smile on her face. That usually only lasts about 30 seconds before Liam starts patting her head. She doesn't like that so much.

Layla will be one tough girl when she grows up after having to deal with Liam.

Layla is the most mellow baby I think you will ever come across. Seriously. I'm not just saying that. She is so content and never cries unless her brother has 1. Hit her too many times or 2. Screams too loud.

We were in the car driving to Lehi the other day and Liam screamed really loud and it made Layla sad so she started crying. As soon as she would calm down Liam would do it again. He thought it was so funny...

Layla has the cutest smile, beautiful blue eyes, and lots of dark hair still. I think though that her hair might end up light brown or dare I say blonde? The roots of her hair look sooo much lighter than what it is now.

We love our beautiful girl so much and are so blessed to have her. She is our little ray of sunshine.

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