Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Layla at 3 months

Our Layla girl will be three months old tomorrow! She is getting so big! I can't remember if I wrote it in her last update but at her dr appt she was 95th percentile for height and weight. Here are some things that Layla is doing:

Starting to eat less often...maybe she will start thinning out a bit but then again I LOVE her chubby so it will be sad to see it go.

Layla loves Liam. She will just sit and watch him play all day an when he comes to her she smiles THE BIGGEST smile. She even doesn't mind when he smacks her across the face. She takes it like a champ (I promise I watch my kids Liam is just really fast)

Layla is getting really strong. Holds herself up really well during tummy time.

She is talking to us now. Her little babbles are so cute. She is a shy little girl. When we talk to her she always kinda blushes and then responds really softly at first and then gets more confident.

Her momma can get her smiling and talking more than anyone else. We have a special bond.

Layla is still the best baby in the world. Our friends can over and she was wearing a shirt that said "wild child" and they said we should get her one that says "mild child" SO TRUE

Layla is so girly too. She has the girliest voice and knows how to work her daddy already. She has perfected the pouty lip.

We love our little girl!!!

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