Monday, January 7, 2013

Daddy's day off

Whenever Vito gets a day off is usually when we take the day to get out of Payson and run errands because I am not brave enough yet to go out with both kids on my own. For some reason pushing a cart with one hand while wrangling a toddler with another and pacifying a crying baby all at the same time while having what feels like 100 judgmental eyes on me at the same time doesn't sound appealing. So because of that we set off to spend some quality family time.

We were in search of new work pants and shoes for Vito so we headed for our favorite store Ross. Found the pants but no luck on the shoes. After lunch at j-dawgs and three stores later we found ourselves at the new outlets at traverse mountain. SCORE! We found the perfect shoes at the Nike outlet. We decided to go check out the under armour outlet and after that on our way back to the car the fun of the day began. Liam was sitting on Vito's shoulders having a blast when all the sudden Vito felt a warm sensation...Liam leaked out of his diaper and was dripping all down Vito's shirt. However in true Polynesian fashion Vito just rolled with the punches and allowed his son(who was laughing hysterically by the way) stay on his shoulders all the way to the car.

We then proceeded to target where we needed to get Liam some new sippy cups because today is the day we are taking his bottle away for good. Upon arrival we changed Liam and went off to find what we needed. After getting the sippy cups we just happened to stroll down an isle end cap that had a Mercedes Benz SUV electric car for know the kind they can drive themselves? Well guess what? It was only $ could we pass up a deal like that? So with very little hesitation Vito( lover of any and all electric toy cars) loaded the gigantic box onto our cart.

We maneuvered our way to the front of the store...both kids in tow and bought this glorious car that Vito could have only dreamed of owning as a kid. Out the doors we went where we arrived at our Pontiac g6. "Oh it should fit in the trunk don't ya think?" I'm sure we looked like idiots trying to shove this huge box into our tiny trunk...and then even bigger idiots for trying to take the car out of the box and shove it in the trunk and when that didn't work into the front seat...NOPE won't fit their either!

So with reluctance we boxed the car back up and pushed it back into the store to see if they could hold it for us til the next day when we could bring a bigger car...unfortunately it was a clearance item so they couldn't and we had to return the car. As we drove away I looked back at Liam...and then looked at Vito. The disappointment in Vito's eyes was heartbreaking and Liam who the car was intended for, just sat there smiling and made me smile. Good thing he doesn't really care about things like that yet!

When we finally got home from our long day out on the town, Liam decides to hit his head 5 times HARD probably within an hours time so we ended our night with a crying boy, and to top it all off we had decided that today was the end of his bottle which is usually the only sure fire way to calm him down.

But here I am at the end of this long day, laying in bed next to my amazing husband, watching my angel baby girl sleep, with my little boy in the next room off in dreamland (who by the way only cried for a little while before he fell asleep WITHOUT his bottle YAY!!!) and count this day as a success. Days like this are what family is all about. We created memories and as stressful or embarrassing or frustrating as some times may have been at the end of the day I am so glad I got to share this day wrangling our two little ones with my husband and spend this precious time together as a family.

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  1. Unfortunately it doesn't get that much easier when they get a little older. You just have to go for it and learn to not care what people think when your kids are freaking out. I plan on my kids having at least one major freak out in every store we go in:)