Thursday, December 20, 2012

Liam at 17 months

Liam is now 17 months old!
I can't believe how fast he is growing up

Ever since Liam turned one he has been battling sickness after sickness. He got tubes put in about a month ago and just when his body was getting used to that he gets the flu and croup and pink eye all at the same time. Poor kid. He is starting to feel a lot better and it is fun seeing out boy come back to us!

Liam is starting to get so much personality. He is so much fun to play with and has a smile and laugh that light up a room and make all your worries go away.

It is fun watching him become more independent. Instead of coming to me to get him his drink he will go and find it himself. If he wants to eat he will go and grab it himself. Liam is behind on speech so we sometimes have a hard time figuring out what he wants but if we ask him if he wants to eat or drink or sleep or bath he usually responds with his own version of yes and will then go to whatever thing he wants like the fridge or his room or the bathroom.

Liam can't sit still for very long...unless he is reading books or watching island reggae on YouTube. And it has to be island reggae, if anything else comes up on the playlist he runs to me to come change it. Because he can't sit still getting dressed is always a challenge and changing his diaper.

At playtime some of Liam's favorite things to do are throw balls, everything goes down the stairs EXCEPT his rugby ball , he carries that one with him everywhere. Liam loves riding his "beep beep" down our driveway. The other day I was trying to get him dressed and told him if he sat still we would go outside and ride his beep beep. When I was done I got up to do something else and I look over and he is waiting by the door to go out. Guess now I have to watch what I promise lol!

Liam is starting to eat a lot better. He loves avocado, hot dogs, noodles, eggs, bananas, and by far his favorite thing is when daddy cooks him Fijian food like curry or fish and coconut milk. This boy is without a doubt a daddy's boy.

Liam is also starting to mimic things we do. He will take keys and try and open doors or take our phones and talk on it or take a wrench and try and loosen a nut on his crib( he saw me doing that).

Liam is an amazing sleeper. He is sleeping at least 12 hours at night and taking 1-2 naps a day that are usually 1-2 hrs long.

Last but not least, we love watching Liam interact with his "sis". He is in love with her most of the time. He always wants to be around her and help me with things like feeding her and changing her. He is very good at sharing his toys with her and pushing her in the swing.

We love our little man so much and love watching him grow and learn each day! He is the light of our lives and we are so lucky to be his parents.

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