Monday, December 10, 2012

2 Months of Bliss---Layla update

Layla is now 2 Months Old!!!!

We are honestly SO BLESSED to have this angel baby in our lives. I think Heavenly Father knew we needed a girl like Layla especially when we have been going through so many things with Liam. 

Layla has the sweetest spirit about her. She is kind of a serious baby, always just observing the world around her. We will always catch her just staring at us, watching everything we do. She does the same with her brother. She loves to just sit and watch his craziness. Though she is serious, when she smiles....oh man! It is the cutest, cheesiest smile you can imagine. 

Sometimes in the middle of the night when she is up to eat, when finished, I will lay her down next to me on the bed and we will just look at each other. She just lays there smiling, looking so content until she falls asleep. In the morning when she wakes, she is so happy. It is so much fun watching her grow and smile more and more each day. She is also beginning to find her voice, bit by bit each day. I am so excited for her to start babbling to us. 

As you can probably tell from her picture, Layla is a CHAMP at eating. She is getting so chubby and I LOVE IT! Her cheeks are huge and so squeezable! She is great at tummy time, unlike her brother who hated it. She is also an awesome sleeper. She is sleeping from about 8 PM til 8 AM, waking probably twice to eat, but going right back to sleep.

Layla is a cuddly baby and we love to hold this cute girl as much as we can. 

I love Layla's dark,thick hair and hope it stays! Her eyes are still a grayish-blue color and I am hoping that stays too! She is going to be one gorgeous girl! 

We love our Layla (also known as) Layla Lomani girl, Sis, Sissy, Princess, Lulu, and many more nicknames!
We can't imagine life without her!

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