Thursday, December 20, 2012


As we just celebrated our 3rd anniversary and as I have been reminiscing back on our trip to Fiji through pictures and videos, it has made me think about how where I am in my life is rather miraculous.

When I was a teenager I would lie in bed at night dreaming of where my future husband was at that very moment. Later, at BYU I remember attending a devotional at the Marriott center and sitting there thinking that amidst those thousands and thousands of students my husband was most likely in that very building, I just had to find him. Little did my teenage self know that my husband was on the other side of the world in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. And my husband was most likely not in the Marriott center that day but probably around the corner from it still in bed lol! What I am getting at is, how did a girl from California end up marrying a boy from Fiji? In my heart of hearts I believe it is fate that we are together. I met Vito Qaqa for a reason and I know that God played a huge role in bringing us together. We have talked about it many times.... How Vito, coming from a family that had very little money made it to America and has become as successful as he has... It was because that is where our Heavenly Father needed him to be.

Now we have 2 beautiful children. Our Liam has gotten to go back to Fiji. He has walked the streets where his dad grew up, played on the white sandy beaches. My teenage self could have NEVER imagined that.

I am so blessed to have had Gods hand shape my life. I am a believer in fate and count myself lucky that I was guided to my soulmate. Too many things occurred to bring us together that would allow this to be a coincidence.

So heres to you Mr. Qaqa, I am so blessed to be your wife and look forward to spending the rest of eternity with you!

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  1. I love this so much!!! Do you remember facebook chatting with me when you told me about this guy you had a crush on from Fiji and how you were really good friends but you didn't know how to let him know you were interested in him? Ah!!! So cute and I'm so glad that you married him. Everyone deserves to marry someone they had a crush on at one point. :) So happy for you and your darling family.