Monday, November 19, 2012

Layla and Liam (1 Month and 16 Months)

Liam is now 16 months old. He is growing up so fast!!! I think in my last post he was barely walking but now he is all over the place. He climbs on everything! His favorite thing to do is climb on the couch and either pound on the window or proceed to climb on the desk. He knows he is not suppose to climb on the desk but does it anyways. No matter how many times I take him down and tell him no, as soon as his feet hit the floor he is back at it again.

Liam loves playing with any kind of ball. He also LOVES throwing all of his balls down our stairs. And it is not just his balls, pretty much every object he can get his hands on end up at the bottom of the stairs by the end of the day. He also loves putting the cell phone up to Vito or my ear so we can talk on it. 

Right now Liam's favorite foods are hot dogs, yogurt, french fries, bananas, chicken nuggets, noodles. He is still taking two naps a day (so nice!) , gives me time to focus on Layla and get things done around the house.

Liam absolutely LOVES his daddy. Vito makes him light up whenever he gets home from work. It is the cutest thing watching them interact. 

Liam still loves his "sis" and gives her "loves" all the time. He will just come lay his head on hers. If she is ever crying Liam will come and hold her hand. I love seeing them together!

They both love their daddy
Layla is now a little over a month old. 
She has been the biggest blessing! Layla is honestly the best baby. I can not imagine a baby better than her (knock on wood). She NEVER cries unless she is getting her diaper changed or I am not feeding her fast enough, and even then, as soon as she gets what she wants she is so content. 

She is an awesome sleeper. I feel like I get plenty of rest at night. Layla also LOVES to eat. She is getting SO CHUBBY!!! 
Layla has such a sweet spirit about her and I can already tell that she will be a calming force in our home. She puts up with her brothers antics so well already. She doesn't even act phased when Liam smacks her on the face (which happens more than I would like, but Liam has FAST hands so I cant always stop it)

We love our Layla girl so much and it has been fun adjusting to having two kids. Some days are hard but for the most part life is good with these two little ones!!!

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