Friday, October 12, 2012

Layla Litia Lomani Qaqa

We welcomed our beautiful little Layla into the world on Tuesday October 9th 2012. She arrived at 10:39 PM and weighed in at 7lbs 4 oz and was 19 inches long!

The day Layla was born we actually decided to go to the hospital because I had not felt her moving for a while so I wanted to make sure everything was ok. We drove up to Provo and they admitted me for low fetal movement. They took me back to a Labor and Delivery room where they hooked me up to monitors  Right away they found her heartbeat and we knew she was ok. It is hospital procedure though to monitor the baby for 30 minutes so we stayed and did that. When that time was up the nurse came back and said she saw a few contractions come up (which I didn't really feel) so they wanted to monitor me for another hour. At this point the nurse checked me and I was at 3.5 cm. After the hour was up and I had been having pretty regular contractions, she checked me again and she believed I had progressed to 4.5 cm. She called my doctor and they decided to have me stay for another hour to make sure I was really progressing and if I was I would be staying and having the baby! Sure enough after that hour had passed I had progressed to a 5 so I was going to have our baby!

Vito had left while they were monitoring me because we had Liam with us. They were out playing at a park so I called Vito and told him and they came back to the hospital. Vito's cousins family came and picked up Liam and not too long after Vito got up to me the doctor came and broke my water to get labor going faster. 
After about an hour not much was happening so they decided to give me a low dose of pitocin. Before that though I got my epidural (which by the way hurt WAY more than I remember it hurting with Liam). My contractions picked up but I still wasn't dilating much. They then discovered that she was face up so her head wasnt putting much pressure on my cervix. They upped the pitocin and had me switch the side I was laying on. The contractions got pretty intense and she started to turn. At this point I was at a 6. The nurses left  and said they would be back in about 30 min to check me. 
It was now about 10:00 PM. Emily, Vito and I were sitting there guessing when she would be born. I was about to tell Emily, I think she will come at 12:15 AM when my body started pushing. I told Vito CALL THE NURSE!!! They came in and I was complete. I went from 6-10 in 10 minutes. My labor would have been a lot quicker had she been facing the right direction. It was when she started turning thatI dilated so fast. The doctor got there about 15 minutes later and I pushed 2 times total and she was out!!!

Layla scored 9 on both Apgar tests and she is absolutely perfect and healthy!
She has a TON of hair, and it is DARK! Complete opposite of Liam who is super blonde and still has barely any hair. 
Layla's name means "Dark Beauty" and it fits her perfectly. Her middle name Litia Lomani has special meaning. Vito has an aunty whose name is Litia and he spent a lot of time with her when he was young and she took care of him a lot. Lomani means to love in Fijian so Layla's middle name means Loved by Litia. 

We are all SO in love with this little girl. She is THE CALMEST baby. She barely cries at all and if she does she is so easy to soothe. She gets more beautiful every day. Liam is mesmerized by her and is doing a lot better than I thought he would. Whenever I am feeding or holding her he will just come sit by us and stare at her. He always tries to touch her hair and has only tried to hit her a few times lol!

 We are now a family of four and it seems like we have always been this way. Layla is such a blessing and her sweet spirit fills our home with love! 

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