Thursday, September 20, 2012

14 Months

Liam is now 14 months old!

He has gone through a lot of changes since he turned a year. For a few weeks I felt like I had a different child. He wasn't his happy self and would throw tantrums for what seemed like all day long. I think he was just getting frustrated because he couldn't communicate what he wanted and he wants so badly to walk. Luckily it didn't last very long and he is back to being the cute, funny, HAPPY, boy that we know and love.

Liam has gotten SOOOOOO attached to his daddy. When it is just me and Liam, he loves me and we have a good time, but when Vito is can't pull Liam out of his arms...literally. He just clings to Vito. It is really cute! It only gets hard when Vito needs to do something else besides play with Liam! His favorite thing to do is get horsey rides from his dad.

Horsey Ride
I had been starting to worry a little bit that Liam wasn't walking yet,( most kids his age are) but he is just taking his time. He can walk but his biggest problem is both fear (he will take a few steps then lunge for me or the closest piece of furniture) and also he NEVER stops moving so he almost gets too excited and can't stand still long enough to steady himself. He just wants to GO! He is getting more confident every day now though. Just tonight I was practicing with him and I sat about 4-5 away from the couch and he would walk from me to the couch and then the couch back to me. Every time he would make it to one or the other he would giggle with pure joy! It was the cutest thing ever! When I was little my mom said I never walked, I just ran everywhere and I think Liam will be the same...I am in trouble!

Liam LOVES playing with any kind of ball. He will throw them and chase them around the house. He also has amazing hand-eye coordination, he has just started being able to catch the ball when we throw it to him. His newest thing is he will take every ball he can find and throw it over the baby gate and down the basement stairs. Speaking of throwing things, he also has to throw EVERYTHING when he is done with it. Even at naptime when he is done drinking his milk/juice/water he will crawl to the edge of the bed and throw the sippy cup off and then crawl back and lay down.

Ever since we took Liam's bottle away, he has found a new comfort in his "soft blanky". He LOVES IT SO MUCH! If he is doing something he isn't suppose to all I have to do is say "Momma's got Liam's soft blanky" and he crawls over furiously to get it. He will also just crawl to it when he sees it and lay his head down on it.

We only have 5 (or less) weeks left until we have our baby girl. I am excited but also sad that my time with just my baby boy is coming to an end. I think Liam will have a hard time adjusting but I am excited to see them grow up together and become best friends.

Crawled away when I was trying to put his diaper on so he could ride his "beep  beep"
I LOVE this kid


  1. Don't worry about the walking. Olivia was similar. She could take steps at 13-14 months, but really walking anywhere she wanted to go probably was closer to 15 months.

    I'm excited for my new baby too, but I know what you mean about being sad to see your time alone with this baby end. Its probably because we don't know the new baby yet. :)

  2. Thanks Kim! He is improving so much every day so I am sure he will be walking in no time and I will wish he still didn't know how!!!