Friday, August 10, 2012


This year for my Birthday we were lucky enough to get to travel to California and visit my parents for a few days. We got to go swimming a ton, watch the olympics, boating, Denios, Thrift store shopping, visit with friends and family, and basically have a nice break from Utah!!!

As I turned 25 and contemplated where I had gotten in my life it made me really grateful! If I could go back and tell me 20-year old self that in just 5 years she would be married to an amazing man, have a beautiful son and be expecting a daughter, own a beautiful home, and be blessed with all of the things we have....I don't think she could have ever imagined her life would be that good in just that short amount of time. But here I am enjoying those things and I could not be more blessed and happier with the life I have!!! I truly am a lucky girl.

It is starting to sink in that we are going to be having another baby soon (just 11 weeks)...I was shopping with my cousin McKenzie yesterday and we found the cutest swimsuit for a girl and got it. It was the first thing we have bought for our baby. It seems like we almost forget she is coming because we are so occupied with Liam, but we are very excited and I am ready to start preparing for her arrival!!!

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