Thursday, August 9, 2012

Liam Turns ONE

Liam turned ONE a couple of weeks ago. It has taken me a while to get on here and write about him because we have been so busy!!!

We had a birthday party for Liam the day after his birthday and we had tons of friends come out and celebrate with us. Liam got spoiled with a lot of cool new toys. He is a lucky boy! We cooked up some J-dawgs and had a good time visiting with everyone. Liam was pretty sick with a cold and didn't want to eat ANYTHING so he didn't even touch his cake. 

Liam seems to be into EVERYTHING now. He is crawling around super fast and cruising along all the furniture like a pro now. I have seen him stand on his own a few times but when I try and get him to do it he acts scared still. I think he will be walking soon though...once he learns to get off his toes!!!! Our boy is a toe walker, his calf muscles are already pretty defined because of it!

Liam gets so excited when I teach him something new and he finally masters it. If he does something and I tell him GOOD JOB he will get the biggest smile and clap his hands...SO CUTE. Some of the things he can do or likes to do now are:

Palm (yes I said PALM) his ball and throw it back and forth to us

Push his toy cars around

Still loves to swim or be around water. At night when it is bath time I tell him to come and he crawls FURIOUSLY to the bathroom and pulls on my legs with excitement, wanting me to put him in the tub. 

Liam loves crawling around the house and he will stop at all of the doors, stand up and hit them, and then move on to the next room. He also loves standing next to the washer and dryer. He will pound on them over and over--anything that makes noise, this boy LOVES.

We can't get on the computer without him wanting to sit with us, mostly because he wants to hit the keyboard because he likes the noise of it.

Liam doesn't say mama or dadda yet but he will say "uh-huh" and is starting to say "up". Another cute thing he does is after he takes a drink of something he will always say "ahhh" like it was so refreshing.

Liam has learned to get off the bed or couch feet first instead of just diving off like he has been doing for the last few months. He has been sleeping with me the past couple of nights because he is sick (ear infection) and  when he woke up this morning the first thing he did was crawl over me and get off the bed the "right" way and when he was down he just looked at me like he was so proud of himself!

Liam has been loving to cuddle and I think he senses that another baby is coming because he is super clingy to me. I am trying to enjoy the time I have left with my baby before another one comes!!!
We love our Liam Boy and every day we wonder how we got so lucky!

Weight 23 lbs (45th percentile)
Height 31 inches (90th percentile)

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