Thursday, February 23, 2012

Elder Qaqa

Just this last weekend Vito's little brother Errol aka "uncle ducky" got to come spend a couple of days with us before he went to the MTC for his mission to the Phillipines. It was so great for me to get to meet another person in Vito's family and for Liam to meet his Uncle.

We had so much fun taking Ducky around Provo and Orem, showing him everything and taking him shopping for his mission. He loved America and had his mouth wide open the whole time just in awe at everything he saw. That must be where Liam gets it---our boy never shuts his mouth.

It took Ducky a little time getting used to the cold but before we knew it he was wearing shorts outside! We got to spend a lot of time with Mosese, Kainoa, and their kids and that was a lot of fun too!!!

Spending time with Elder Qaqa has gotten me SOOOO excited to go to Fiji! We are going May 1-May 15. We are counting down the days!!!!

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