Thursday, February 23, 2012

7 Months

I can't believe my baby is getting so old!!! I missed writing about him last month so I will update what he has been doing the last couple of months!

Liam blows raspberries with his tongue/lips constantly and gets spit everywhere. He especially likes to do it when we are at church and it is all quiet.

Liam eats like a champ. He not only loves to eat but he loves to eat FAST!!!!

He can sit up on his own now for a few minutes at a time unless he gets excited about something and then he topples over.

At night, usually around 7 or so he gets wild and crazy. He will laugh hysterically even if you look at him. He loves to play and is ALWAYS happy!

When he is getting tired I will feed him his bottle for a few minutes and when he is done drinking he pulls it away and flips his body over so his chest is touching mine and nestles onto my shoulder to go to sleep....seriously the cutest thing.

Has started to know how to get what he wants. He loves playing with my phone and chewing on the rubber case it has on it. If we take it away from him he will start doing this really cute whining voice until we cant help but give it back.

Loves being around people and especially little kids. He gets so excited!

Loves watching basketball. We have gone to the church a couple times and watched Vito play and also went to a Payson High game and he just sits there mesmerized by it.

Liam isn't crawling yet, however when we put him down on his belly he will push his knees underneath himself but just kinda face plant into the carpet. We always say "Go baby go! Go baby go!" while clapping and he gets the biggest smile on his face as he tries to move himself. I'm not that eager for him to be mobile though....he is already growing up too fast!!!

Has started screaming LOUD!!! And mostly just because he thinks its funny!

Has gotten his two front teeth on the bottom.

Physically he is a SOLID kid. He is super strong and has massive hands and feet. This kid is gonna be an athlete.

We love our Liam!!!

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