Sunday, January 20, 2013

18 months ago today.....

...Liam was born!!!!!

Can't believe my baby is getting so old. Time has really flown by so fast. The past few nights Liam has been having a hard time. All four of his canines are coming in and he will just wake up crying. Sometimes I just wish I could keep sleeping and not get up with him but then I realize that he won't be my baby for much longer and before I know it he won't need me anymore . That thought makes me really sad so I have been cherishing the time in the middle of the night when my baby boy will still let me cuddle him.

Here is what Liam is up to lately:

Liam is not using his bottle anymore and because of that he eats so much better. Liam loves ravioli, hot dogs, goldfish, vanilla wafers, noodles, chicken biscuit crackers, and grapes.

Liam loves playing "hoops". He will shoot, with pretty much perfect form (I'm not bragging or anything lol), and then look at us to make sure we clap for him.

Liam loves being pulled around the house in his mini wagon. I will often find him sitting in it just waiting for me to come pull him. It's either that or he will sit on his new trike and want to be pushed on that.

Liam loves watching his island reggae music videos and the backyardigans.

Liam loves reading his books.

Liam still loves bath time. He gets so excited after dinner when it's time to take his bath. He will run to the bathroom and if I don't follow fast enough he will come and push my legs from behind to get me there faster.

Liam is sleeping pretty good. Taking his bottle away was an adjustment but he still sleeps about 12 hours.

Liam isn't really talking yet. We are working with a speech therapist once a month. He understands everything we say to him he is just being stubborn and won't talk. We are working on it with him but I'm sure in his own time he will start talking and probably in full sentences. That is just how our Liam is...he does things when he wants to do them and no one or no thing can get him to that point any faster.

Liam is a happy kid and his smile and laugh light up a room. He is the joy of our lives. We could not ask for a better son and a better big brother for Layla!

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  1. loving seeing and reading about your too cute lil' family char! :)