Sunday, May 27, 2012

Liam at 10 Months

Liam is now 10 Months old!
A LOT has happened with him since the last post.
We went to Fiji and it seems as soon as we got back he has met so many new milestones!

He is FINALLY crawling! He doesn't do the typical crawl on all fours but he does this cute inch-worm kind of thing! We try to get him to crawl to us but sometimes he will just sit and stare with a big smile, but if we put one of our phones down he crawls as fast as he can to get it!

He also has started pulling himself up on furniture. The other night I had put him to bed and about 20 min later I heard him whining in his room. I went to check and he was standing up in his crib and was too scared to get himself down. I think pretty soon he is going to be all over the place!!!

Liam got his two top front teeth while we were in Fiji and it is making him look so grown up. He loves to bite us and would bite his uncle Iki's face when we were in Fiji...he especially liked his nose!

Liam just loves when kids are around, he will just sit and watch them play. His cousins Claire and Noble got to spend the weekend with us and he had so much fun just being around them. I am sure once his baby sister or brother comes (we find out on June 5th) he will love it!

We still can't believe how fast our baby boy has grown. We love him more and more every day!

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