Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Birthday Weekend

My Birthday and the whole weekend before was amazing! On Friday Night Vito and I decided to go camping up at Nunns Park in the Provo Canyon. We got the last campsite next to the river. It was pretty cool. We got to use our new tent, made some s'mores, and had a good time. All except the sprinkler hitting our tent all night :) Here is a video of Vito going under in the freezing cold river.

On Saturday Night we went out to the Blakesley's to celebrate Claire's second Birthday. We had a nice dinner, watched her open her presents, and blow out the candles on her puppy cupcake. After all that we got to go swimming with the kids at the Saratoga hot springs pool. The pools were really warm so it was nice because it had been raining just before we went. Here is a video of Claire blowing her candles out and also one of Vito jumping into the pool(He was really proud of his dive).

Sunday we were able to have some friends over for dinner. Emily's roommate Katrina came, Jill and Joseph from my work, and Vitos friend Ra. We had a really good time. I decided that I am going to run a half marathon with Katrina and Emily in October. I started training Monday and its going good so far!

My Birthday was Tuesday. Vito made it the best birthday ever. Monday night, because he was too excited an couldn't wait, I opened my present from him. He got me a Bob Marley shirt, a Volcom hat, headphones that will stay on my ears when I run, an Under armor running outfit and some bath and body works sprays and lotions.

I had to work for a little while on my birthday and about 20 minutes before I was about to leave the front desk paged me and said they had something for me. I walked out and there was a beautiful vase of flowers. I truly have the best husband in the world! I also got to spend the day with Sammy and the kids and they treated me to Brick oven for dinner because Vito was working. I had a great 23rd!

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