Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July Weekend

This weekend Sammy, Mike and the kids came and stayed with us so that they could see the Provo Parade. Sunday night we had grilled up some burgers and then went on a walk to the duck pond. Claire's skirt blew up and showed off her cute chubby legs and booty!

The parade in Provo is a pretty big deal (why I don't know) but we decided to set up our new tent outside our apartment because the parade came right by our house. People are crazy and camp out all night long just to get a spot. Me, Vito, Mike, and Claire slept outside in the tent. People were super loud all night, I am surprised any of us slept at all. Vito had to work at 6 so we got up around 5 and set up some blankets for the parade.

The parade was pretty good. They had some cool blow up balloons. The best part by far though was the fight that happened before the parade started. The guy next to us had blocked off an area at 3:30 that morning for his family to watch the parade. About 10 minutes before it started this lady comes and puts her blanket in this guys "area"...They argued about it and then the lady just left her kids there to watch the parade. A few minutes later some of their friends came and sat with the kids. The family that had been there since 3:30 started getting angry. They had some chairs that were front row seats for the parade and they decided to put more up there to block the sight of the people that had infringed on their area. Once they did that, the lady that was with the kids gets up and goes and stands in front of their chairs. Again, they started arguing. To top it off the cops had to come and resolve their dispute. It was so funny to watch people get SO worked up over a stupid parade(the lady in yellow caused all the trouble). Anyways, that was our weekend! We had a blast!

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  1. Bahaha i like the story about the fight over the parade spot! actually, i just like your blog in general, and since i'm a horrible friend and never see you in person, this will have to do for now.