Sunday, July 17, 2011

Patiently Waiting

I figure its time for a little update on whats going on. Our little boy sure is stubborn!!! When I went in for my first exam 3 weeks ago I was already at 3.5 cm and as of this last Tuesday I was at a 5, but no contractions or anything! My mom even flew out early thinking he was going to come any time but still nothing!!! I've decided to just not get my hopes up that he will come early now, just hoping he doesn't wait until too long after his due date!!

When the doctor told us I was already dilated and he was head down and low, we decided we should probably take some pictures of me being pregnant before he decided to come out. I have been a slacker with taking any belly pictures. I taught Vito a couple of rules of composition and he took some really great pictures! Here are just a couple....

Other news is that we started building our house in the middle of June. There are 9 families in our group and everyone is really great. We are working on 5 of the homes right now and just got the roof up on the first one. Once we sheet the roof and put the shingles on, contractors will come in and do pretty much everything else except for the finish work like painting and installing cabinets and things like that. Right now our house has the basement walls and the flooring done. The walls should be up in another week or two and then the roof will go up after that. Ours is the 4th one being built. Here is a picture of the first house being built and then one of our house...

We spend about 40 hrs a week building the homes. I have been out there doing as much as I can, hoping the physical activity will put me into labor but no such luck!!! We are so excited for our home to be done (hopefully by Dec) and love getting to learn how to build.

We can't wait for our baby to arrive and look forward to the wonderful changes he will bring to our life together. We are so blessed!

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